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Activity Field

1. Formative consulting of company acquisitions, -sales and -Takeovers (transaction advice in the broadest sense) as well as restructurings and divestment of assets

• Tax Due Diligence
• Holistic tax structuring
• Obtaining binding information of Financial Management

2. Formative consulting of real estate transactions

• Holistic tax structuring, particularly minimisation of transaction costs (e. g. real estate transfer tax)
• Obtaining binding information of Financial Management

3. Succession planning

• “external“, as described above 1. and 2.
• “internal“, with inheritance tax and gift tax issues

4. Expert’s opinion

• To 1. bis 3.

5. Saving advice

• Extrajudicial and judicial appeal proceedings
• Equitable measures (deferment of payment and decree)
• Fine and criminal matters

6. Declaratory activities

• Annual financial statements and ascertainment of profits
• Tax returns

7. Ongoing tax and business advice

• Accounting
Payroll accounting
Assistance in general audits
• Wage tax- and LVA- or BFA-audits
• Individual business assessment
• Integrated planning with Plan-Actual-Management

8. Business start advice

• Choice of legal form
• Draw up a business plans
• Opinion on the sustainability of a business start
• Application for granting of a founder allowance at the Employment Agency

9. Legal services within the permitted limit